KKW Diamond Kourtney (Yellow)


KKW Diamond Kourtney (Yellow)


A sparkling oriental gourmand

Drenched in radiance. A dazzling extraordinary yellow light radiates with a captivating intensity that sparkles only the way a diamond can.

Like a reflection in sunlight, the fragrance opens with the glistening glow of golden currant berries.

As if lit by an inner flame, the heart gleams with the rare and vibrant beauty of a yellow floral bouquet composed of jasmine, iris and magnolia.

The lingering base notes add a mesmerizing sense of sensuality with a tonka bean, whipped vanilla and the great seduction of patchouli.

Opening: Golden Currant Berries

Heart: Yellow Jasmine, Yellowbird Magnolia, Yellow Flag Iris

Finish: White Patchouli, Soft Musk, Whipped Vanilla


Please note the press boxes with signed posters as seen on social media are not for sale. Your purchase will come with the fragrance only.

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