KKW Diamond Kim


KKW Diamond Kim


A fresh white floral bouquet

Dripping in diamonds.

Catching the light in ways you've never dreamed of, white diamonds is the ultimate self-indulgence.

Delicately tracing the outline of your skin, the fragrance opens with a signature, tropical floralcy that is faceted with notes of wild armoise and sugar-coated ginger.

At the heart, an extra-fine bouquet of luminous ylang-ylang, orange flower, and exotic Sampaguita bloom for an instant glimmer that simply shines with you.

A sensual base of splashy coconut milk cream and heavenly white musk linger in a way you won't get enough of.

Opening: Tropical Floral Leaves, Sugar Coated ginger, Wild Armoise Morocco Organic

Heart: Ylang Ylang Oil Cosmors Orpur, Orange Flower Absolute Orpur, Exotic Sampaguita Blossom

Finish: Coconut Milk Cream, Heavenly White Musk, Solar White Floral


Please note the press boxes with signed posters as seen on social media are not for sale. Your purchase will come with the fragrance only.

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